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hi everyone!

hey everyone. i'm new here and i'm not a UMaine student, but my father went there, my entire family is from old town and i have been going to the campus for hockey games ever since i was two years old (i'm 20 now :-D) i just wanted to tell you black bears about a new community i'm the moderator of. hope some of you will join!!! i am also thinking about transfering sometime in the future to UM :-)

*ahem ahem* i am pleased to announce that i have started a community that requires all maine hockey fans to become a member!!! on behalf of myself (aka nin_veleth) and my co-moderator zar_roc, i invite you all to join! post pictures, interviews, icons, wallpapers, graphics, dreams, experiences... anything you want about the BEST team around!!! come and join... i know you want to :-)

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